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generic bags







gen G1


gen Bra                           gen Bra                           gen Bra


gen Canada                     gen Canada                       gen Canada

gen Canada                     gen Canada                      gen Canada


gen China 1                        gen China 2,4                        gen China 3

gen China 5                         gen China 6,11                       gen China 7

gen China 8                      gen China 9                       gen China 10

gen China 11                     gen China 12                       gen China 13

Suture Bag 1


gen Fr 1                    gen Fr 2


gen Ger 1                   gen Ger 2,3         gen Ger

gen Ger                        gen Ger               gen Ger

gen Ger                              gen Ger                          gen Ger

gen Bus 1                           gen Bus 2                   gen Bus 3

gen Bus 4                         gen a,b                         gen



gen Italy 1,2,3,4          gen Italy


gen Japan 1


Maldives 1


  Morocco 1


gen Neth                   gen Neth            gen Neth


gen Nor


gen RUS                                 gen RUS

South Africa

gen SA


gen Spain 1,8                        gen Spain 2                     gen Spain 3

gen Spain 4                         gen Spain 5           gen Spain 6

gen Spain 7


gen Swiss 1


gen Tur                        gen Tur

gen Tur                       gen Tur CNT, without CNT

United Kingdom

gen UK 1                             gen UK 2              Goulet 1

gen UK 3                              gen UK 4                 gen UK 5

gen UK 6                            gen UK 7                        WKT 1   


gen USA 1,2               gen USA 3,4          gen USA

smart mom                gen sea USA           sic-sac

gen USA                  gen USA                            sic sac old

gen USA                            gen USA                            gen USA

gen USA                           gen USA                        gen USA

gen USA                           gen USA                      gen USA

gen USA                 Quyat Erp 1                       gen USA

plastic USA


gen ship                               gen plane                        generic

gen plane 2                       gen







plain white bags

1: pointy bottom, straight cut

2: pointy bottom, horizontal tab, straight cut

3: flat base, horizontal tab, zig zag cut

4: flat base with coversheet, zig zag cut

    dé luxe version:

5: flat base, tear off strip, vertical tab, zig zag cut

6: flat base, coversheet, zig zag cut, manufacturer at bottom www.kard-o-pak.com

7: open gussets, straight cut, blue bar down at backside

8: open gussets, manufacturer in the right , blue bar at backside

9: plastic bag, open gussets. 12,0cm x 27,0cm, black wire attached