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„a special passion for sickness bags”     life vest collection




  Gerd´s collection in tv   



Welcome and thank you for visiting our website.


You will here find one of the most comprehensive collections of airsickness bags from all over the world.

Beside our own bags, contributions were given by Gerd Clemens whose bags are marked with a yellow

banner, as well as by Oliver Conradi ,Rainer Schwartz and Wolfgang Lüthje  identified with a blue banner.


To collect airsickness bags or barf bags strikes people as rather strange.

For us however these pieces reflect the history of aviation and the changes

which are always taking place with airline companies.


As in other industries, carriers are founded and may also disappear.

They change name because of merger and acquisitions.

All this is shown on this small piece of paper through new corporate designs, names and logos.

If the worst comes to the worst, the airline becomes defunct.

Then the airsickness bag remains as a sentimental value.


Out of this reason, we have not just exposed bags but have also added some relevant information

concerning the airline. This includes IATA and ICAO- Codes, the year of foundation,

when they became renamed or defunct, and finally their actual status.

This status can be active, defunct or renamed. In this respect, renamed can also mean that the airline

was acquired or merged, forcing it to change name.


Enjoy looking at our collection of airsickness bags and dive (surf) in the tremendous world of aviation.


Thorsten Hecht , Gerhard Lang  &  Gerd Clemens



PS: If you wish to contribute to our collection, please feel free to donate one or the other bag,

                               or alternatively swap one with us.


                Bagland meets baghecht


   We are happy and proud that our fellow bag collector Alan Howlett

   offered to give us his collection of nearly 1000 bags on loan.


   All new Bagland bags are marked with a special banner.




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